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Rajmahal means pure food. Human life sometimes faces death because of adulterated foods. There are multiple problems plagued in Bangladesh. Adulterated food items are one of them. Recently, a problem has occurred in our country in the form of disaster. That is chemicals in foods. Chemicals in foods are extremely harmful for human health. These chemicals can cause fatal diseases as well as could be the reason of human death. So we are always aware of making chemical-free foods as much as possible. We always give priority to our services not to money. Sylhet is the sacred land of 360 Awlia.

We are the first food production company in Sylhet. We have branches in all area of Sylhet which are providing enormous services to the people. Our products are approved by BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution). All foods are produced under the supervision of expert chemist and employee and all the items are completely spurious -free. Besides Bangladesh we are exporting our products to US, UK, India and Middle East. All the foods are manufactured with the help of fully automatic machines in its own way and have earned the reputation in our country as well as in the abroad. So you can blindly trust Rajmahal Foods and Sweets.